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Mission Statement

Sherwin O’ Riordan Solicitors has built a national reputation for achieving cost-effective solutions to complex legal disputes. Whether we’re representing employers, retailers, corporate executives or SME’s, we approach every case with passion and dedication. We strive to achieve results while giving our clients personal, dedicated representation from start to finish.


Why Us

At Sherwin O’ Riordan we believe the law is more than just a process – law is about people. We are recognised by our clients and the business community as the No. 1 medium-sized law firm for growing SME’s and pride ourselves on providing a high level of expertise across areas of law.

We provide expert legal advice to individual and business clients across all areas of commercial law, litigation, investments, employment law, personal injury law, wills & probate, inward investment to Ireland and dispute resolution.

The core values at Sherwin O’Riordan are:


Service Value

Providing a service is not enough.  We are 100% client-centric and believe that the service we provide has to be the highest quality at all times and represent true value for money.


Progressive Approach

Passive attitudes do not give the best results. We believe in taking a progressive approach that actively embraces innovative problem solving and proactive attitudes.  This means we use technology to help us progress matters faster but it also means that we use our experience to be creative on your behalf.



To us, professionalism is more than just a word, it is a way of life.  We maintain the highest levels of professionalism throughout the organisation and have a very active involvement in the business and local communities.



Integrity is the backbone of everything we do.  We insist on being open and transparent with our clients at all times and will always act in your best interests.



Put simply – you should not have to chase us because we will keep you informed at every stage.  We like to think we are approachable and promise to always be available to you. 


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Our History

Sherwin O’ Riordan:  Leaders in Knowledge, Experience, Service and Results

We are an award-winning firm of solicitors that is renowned for our capabilities in all areas of business law, employment law, personal injury law, wills & probate, banking law, retail and more.

Established in 2002 by James Sherwin and David O’Riordan, the practice experienced strong organic growth with the acquisition of Michael E. Cusack & Co in 2005.

Our team of legal experts strive to provide the best, highest quality service to our clients always. By this, we mean that everything we do is intended to solve your legal concerns and problems as quickly and efficiently as possible, whether these relate to a property, employment or commercial law issue. We do this by making sure we understand every nuance of your concern and then focusing on finding the best solution in the shortest possible time. Our commitment is summarised by the core values that underwrite every aspect of our work; service value, progressive approach, professionalism, integrity, and accessibility.


Message from Managing Partner, James Sherwin

Since the founding of our firm in 2002, we have prided ourselves on providing superior legal representation and dedicated service to clients. David O’Riordan and I started our firm with two defining characteristics: a relentless focus on the best interests of our clients and a commitment to long-term planning that ensures that the firm continuously evolves at a pace that best serves our clients' business needs

This approach has helped the firm grow to a vibrant firm consisting of 13 Solicitors with substantial experience in a wide range of legal disciplines and a client base ranging from individuals, SME’s to large companies.

The diversity of our practice, our strong work ethic, respectful treatment of our clients, and prompt responsiveness to their needs all have contributed to the firm’s success. We value our relationships with our clients and commit ourselves to build those relationships on mutual trust, focus on objectives, and results.

Through a collaborative approach with our clients, we provide sound advice and guidance. As Managing Partner, it is my privilege to ensure that our firm continues to serve the needs of our clients and remains true to the principles that have sustained us for two decades. We look forward to continuing to work with our existing clients and earning the trust of new clients.

We look forward to hearing from you.

James Sherwin


 james sherwin


James Sherwin

Managing Partner


We have found the Sherwin O’Riordan team to be reliable, very responsive in cases of tight deadlines, business focused and have given us sound commercial legal advice.

Geoff Ryan - VP Finance, Profitero

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"We simply cannot fault the service we receive from SOR. They have specialist solicitors in each area where we need advice and we’ve had contact with 4 different partners during the last 14 months, and the experience has been the same each time. Really really good."

Justin Cahill, Chairman, CMC Platform Financials

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