Commercial Property: Landlords & Tenants

Commercial property is an incredibly important asset. It represents a potentially valuable tool for landlords, looking to develop a portfolio and enjoy the financial rewards that it provides. Furthermore, well situated commercial premises can be invaluable to prospective tenants looking for a base for their business.

 At Sherwin O’Riordan, we understand the importance of commercial property to both landlords and tenants. Our commercial law team provide a comprehensive service to our clients. Our experience has allowed us to support clients working across a range of sectors including hospitality, research, retail and manufacturing. We provide legal advice and services that reflect our client’s needs and goals.

Commercial Property Solicitors Dublin

At Sherwin O’Riordan, we pride ourselves on offering services that our clients need to realise their objectives. We provide advice and assistance on a range of commercial property matters, including:

Planning and Development

It is not uncommon that in order to exploit the full commercial value of a property, alterations to its physical structure become necessary. Furthermore, it may also be the case that a particular area of land is ripe for commercial development. In most instances, the successful pursuit of these goals will first require knowledge and adherence to the relevant planning rules. The planning regime is administered by local authorities, and can be very difficult and costly to navigate without expert guidance.

At Sherwin O’Riordan, our leading property lawyers are acutely aware that parties with an interest in commercial property will be anxious to comply with planning legislation. Our team will be able to assist you in satisfying the planning law requirements, to avoid unnecessary delay and expense to your project.

Commercial Leasing

Landlords and tenants will be anxious to maximise the benefit of a commercial property: landlords will look to enjoy the maximum financial benefit, and tenants will hope to exploit a desirable location and set-up. It can occasionally be difficult to ensure that these interests are represented in a commercial lease, with both parties attempting to ensure that they are not overly burdened by obligations. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that a commercial lease is expertly drafted, ensuring that there is no ambiguity concerning parties obligations to each other.

The team at Sherwin O’Riordan have a great deal of experience of negotiating and drafting commercial leases for both landlords and tenants. Our advice and assistance is founded on helping our clients realise their long-term goals.

Commercial Property Litigation

It is an unfortunate reality that disputes can and do arise from time-to-time. This is no different in respects of property, and can happen in a variety of situations: local authorities demanding adherence to planning laws; disputes between landlord and tenants over their obligations in a lease; and disagreements between parties over land ownership. These disputes can cause a great deal of upset and may, if not handled correctly, prove to be expensive to resolve.

As leading property law experts, the team at Sherwin O’Riordan are often sought out to assist in the resolution of commercial property disputes. Our Property and Dispute Resolution departments often work in partnership with one another, using their experience of court processes and knowledge of the law to defend our clients’ interests effectively. We always strive to resolve disputes to an end as soon as is practicable, sparing our clients unnecessary expense and delay.

Financing Commercial Property

The vast majority of properties will at some point require the securing of additional financing for purchase. This can involve a great deal of negotiation with lenders, who may require that they enter into agreements that impose significant obligations on individuals or businesses. It is important that the terms of any loan agreement are interpreted by lawyers skilled in contractual interpretation. Moreover, lenders may also seek to take certain steps in order to secure their loan. It is of the utmost importance that the consequences of agreeing to these steps are explained fully to individuals, before they agree to them.

The team at Sherwin O’Riordan are regularly involved in negotiating with lenders on property financing. We have come to understand the needs of lenders, and are able to use this to our advantage when negotiating the terms of any finance agreement. We are also acutely aware of the terms they tend to include in their financial agreements. We bring this experience to the fore when assisting on the securing of additional property financing for our clients.

Sale and Acquisition of Commercial Property

Commercial property owners often have a portfolio of investments, either large or small. It is not uncommon that this portfolio will change over time, with the disposing of and acquisition of properties. It is important, however, that these transactions are carried out with the requisite skill and care, ensuring that parties are fully aware of their respective obligations and that they are not unnecessarily delayed.

At Sherwin O’Riordan we understand that where our clients are looking to buy or sell a property, they expect that it will be carried out quickly and diligently. Our team are experts in property law, and make it a priority to complete transactions expeditiously.

Commercial property is an important area for may of clients. However, it is also a complex field. Many may believe that commercial property matters needn’t require the assistance of lawyers. At Sherwin O’Riordan, we would advise that this is incorrect: commercial property transactions are legal transactions and should be handled by expert lawyers familiar with the rules and processes involved.

Contact our Commercial Property Solicitors in Dublin

The team at Sherwin O’Riordan offer a truly comprehensive commercial property service, aimed at meeting our client’s needs on time, and within budget. We understand that our clients will have many demands on their time, and work in partnership with them to ensure that they are appropriately advised on the law and how it applies to their interests. We routinely work with a range of clients including Investors, Banks, landlords and tenants who need resourceful lawyers, with a detailed understanding of the law to assist them. At Sherwin O’Riordan, we take pride in providing a service that puts the needs of our clients first, offering truly commercial legal advice tailored to meet their needs. Contact our team now.

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