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If you have concerns relating to any area of employment law, contact our team today. We will handle your case with care and diligence, and will provide legal advice that is tailored to your needs. You will also benefit from having access to a small team that you deal with directly and who will have personal responsibility for your case. Speak to us today and find out how we can help you.

Employment Solicitors for Employees Dublin, Ireland

Employees’ rights and responsibilities are described across various pieces of legislation, and can be difficult to understand. At Sherwin O’Riordan, we regularly assist employees in raising claims for, amongst other things:

Unfair dismissal

Employees may be faced with the prospect of being dismissed. While in most cases this will have followed the require processes, some instances may have been the result of an employer’s applying criteria unfairly. Alternatively, employers may not have conducted the process of dismissing employees in a transparent and objective way. In such instances, it is wise to consider the merit of making a claim for unfair dismissal, and ensuring that it is handled by experts in the field.


The law is designed in such a way to protect employees from suffering unwanted conduct from their colleagues or their employers in relation to any aspect of their personality, gender, race, sexual orientation, religious belief, disability or family status. Where an employee is subjected to treatment that they find objectionable because of who they are, it is important that they understand that they do enjoy legal protection. The rules for enforcing these rights are, however, complex and will need specialist treatment, when considering raising a claim for harassment.


Employees, by virtue of their being in employment, are entitled to carry out their duties with dignity. However, in some instances their fellow colleagues or employers may carry out or permit inappropriate behaviour that undermines their right. Regardless as to whether such behaviour is verbal, physical, or carried out over the internet, employees are entitled to legal protection against it. The decision to make a claim for bullying at work will likely be the result of a great deal of heartache and anxiety for most employees, and demands the attention of specialist employment lawyers.

Breach of Contract

Employers will require that employees discharge the obligations that they owe under their contract of employment. However, employers may forget from time-to-time that they also owe obligations to employees under these documents. These obligations cover a variety of things, including: salary; holiday entitlement; hours of work/ break entitlements; and care for employee’s safety. Where employers fail to observe these obligations, employees may raise a legal action against them.

Employment law is a difficult area. It is set down across multiple different pieces of legislation, each of which governs a separate issue. Furthermore, the legislation is not always easy to understand, and while being comprehensive may not easily provide answers to people that are unfamiliar with it. Individuals that have employment law concerns should take advice from specialist employment lawyers. Their understanding of how to interpret legislation, and apply it to real-life situations will be invaluable to those seeking legal advice that is reflects their circumstances.

At Sherwin O’Riordan, we understand that our clients, if and when they need legal assistance, prize efficient, cost effective and practicable assistance above all else. Over the many years that we have worked in the field of employment law, we have designed our services to meet these expectations of our clients. The employment lawyers at Sherwin O’Riordan are experts in their field, regularly sought to give detailed lectures across the field. Furthermore, our understanding of the realities facing employers and employees when they interact with each other offers us a significant advantage when acting on their behalf.

We also advise on:

Recent Transactions

Some of our recent work has involved acting for a large petrochemical enterprise in respect of a number of cases before both the Employment Appeals Tribunal and Rights Commissioner service encompassing claims regarding unfair dismissal, working time, payment of wages, rest periods and conditions of employment.

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