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If you have been made redundant or your Company is considering redundancies or if your employment is being terminated, do you know if it was fair or was it dealt with properly?

Our employment law solicitors can assess your situation and advise you very quickly if you have a case. We will then discuss next steps with you including how to handle meetings if the redundancy is ongoing or to make sure that you were fairly treated and that due process was properly followed.

Redundancy & Dismissal Legal Advice Dublin

Our aim is to ensure that you receive a proper settlement whether in correct redundancy payments or if your role is being terminated that you are given proper exit terminated compensation.

In our experience we see employers getting the redundancy process wrong more times than they get it right. The process is critical and so is the method they use to choose who to make redundant. Maybe you might not be the right person for redundancy or worse than that, they may be simply terminating your employment and dressing up the termination as a redundancy. However, we can help you and guide you through this because we know the questions to ask, the process that should have been followed and more importantly we know what you can realistically expect to receive in a settlement.

Redundancy is an aspect of the employment relationship that neither employees nor employers readily enjoy dealing with. Whether as a result of business pressures or due to a reduction in staff numbers, redundancy carries with it significant consequences for all parties involved. There are also many rules that govern the process of redundancy that apply to both employers and employees:

Consideration of alternative options prior to an employee being made redundant

Employers and employees must consider what alternative arrangements can be made before pursuing redundancy. This includes both parties considering reasonable options for alternative employment within the business. If an employer makes a reasonable offer to an employee of employment, which is unreasonably refused, employees may bar themselves from any redundancy payment that would otherwise be due.

Selection procedures for redundancy

Employers must be very careful to ensure that they apply objective criteria in selecting employees to consider for redundancy. Any suspicion that the redundancy process has been unfair or has been based on questionable criteria could result in an unfair dismissal claim being brought against the employer, which, if successful, could carry significant financial penalties.

Notice requirements that must be observed

There must be sufficient notice given to employees of the likelihood of redundancy, to allow time for alternative employment to be investigated. Failure to observe this requirement could result in employers suffering penalties at a later date.

The law that applies to redundancy is rigid and can be difficult to apply in reality, especially in a commercial environment. It is vital that if you are concerned about the impact redundancy could have on you or your organisation that you speak to experienced legal advisors who can give practical advice and guidance to address your worries.

Sherwin O’Riordan is a leading commercial law firm that offers comprehensive legal services to both employers and employees, to help them navigate the complex field of employment law. If you are concerned about how the laws governing redundancy apply to you or your business, please contact our team today. We can help with a range of employment law services including discrimination & equality issues and settlement agreements. 

Why should you use Sherwin O'Riordan?

  • All of our employment lawyers are recognised as leading specialists in this area, not only in Dublin but in Ireland. They are all regular speakers and commentators on employment law issues.
  • We work closely with the Small Firms Association advising their members.
  • We have dealt with many cases like yours on a regular basis.
  • We know what a fair settlement amount is and we know what isn’t. We also know what procedures and processes should be followed and we know where most of the mistakes are made.
  • We have also settled cases for employers with employees who have received bad advice because their lawyer isn’t a specialist employment lawyer who settles the case for far less than the case is worth.
  • Ultimately our aim is to make sure that you receive the best advice, the best settlement (as much as possible) and that we achieve the result quickly so that you can put it behind you and move on.

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"We simply cannot fault the service we receive from SOR. They have specialist solicitors in each area where we need advice and we’ve had contact with 4 different partners during the last 14 months, and the experience has been the same each time. Really really good."

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