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Construction accidents may result in minor or significant injuries.

Given the wide variety of people present and the equipment and processes utilised on a modern construction site, there is a significant burden upon construction employers to ensure their employees are not injured in the course of their work.

Health and safety on construction sites

The Health, Safety and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2007 places many duties upon the supervisors and managers engaged on construction projects. There is a duty to identify hazards at the design stage but also to eliminate hazards early. There is a duty to prevent creation of new hazards in use of materials, choice of work equipment, choice of systems of work and substitution of dangerous articles for non-dangerous ones. Safe working practices must be monitored appropriately and action must be taken if necessary. Where more than 20 employees are on site there is a duty to employ a full or part time safety officer who must advise the contractor of the measures necessary to reduce risk on site. On larger sites with 100 or more employees, there is a requirement that a full time safety advisor be employed.

Employees are under a duty not to endanger themselves, to cooperate with safety measures and to report any dangerous machinery, tools or substances and to utilise safety equipment where necessary.

Construction accidents compensation

Where you have been injured as a result of a failure in safety, legal advice is available. As can be seen from the construction regulations there has been significant improvements in relation to construction safety in recent years. However, it’s not possible to remove all risk from such a hazardous environment. An employer will be required to undertake many steps and depending on size, employ dedicated staff to monitor and deal with the issue of safety. Where an opportunity to prevent an accident has been missed due to negligence on the part of your construction employer, legal action may be taken against the employer.

Nobody would want to find themselves in that situation and for most people taking legal action would not be their first choice to resolve the issue but where an employer has caused the injury but refuses to compensate appropriately, an injured employee may have no option in order to be compensated for their injuries.

Sherwin O’Riordan’s Workplace Accident Lawyers

Should you find yourself in this unexpected and unpleasant situation you may suffer a long and painful recovery potentially with extensive rehabilitation. You may find yourself unable to work with significant financial problems. Sherwin O’Riordan can undertake a detailed consultation with you and perform an in depth investigation of the facts of your case. Expert opinion in the form of engineers’ reports may be obtained to pinpoint the issues of fault.

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