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Minor back and neck injuries are common and the impact may be manageable.

However, where they are more serious and painful, therapeutic treatments may be necessary. In the most severe cases, surgery may be required. It can of course just be a matter of bad luck to push yourself beyond your normal range to reach up to that cupboard or to bend down to pick up that letter. In these cases, you will deal with the medical consequences yourself. The situation is different if the injury was caused by someone else’s mistake. Those mistakes may involve reckless or dangerous behaviour. When those circumstances arise, there is a system in place to ensure that you’re not forced to deal with the medical and financial fall-out alone.

Road traffic accidents

Road traffic accidents are a major source of legal action in relation to neck or back injuries. In 2015, 75% of Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) awards were road traffic related. Despite vastly improved safety in modern cars, there is still an underlying risk to passengers. The crowded nature of our roads, especially in cities, mean accidents are common. While these are often not life threatening, the effects may only be noticed after the initial shock subsides or on waking the next day. Even then, there may be an inclination to not seek medical attention or to just get on with things and not make a fuss. The importance of getting medical treatment can’t be overstated and should be sought at the earliest opportunity. The nature of back or neck injuries which arise in road traffic accidents, while appearing negligible initially, may leave you with chronic low-level discomfort or pain which can be permanent if not treated appropriately. These conditions can lower your quality of life whether they make it harder for you to work at a desk or prevent you from taking part in various pursuits.

Back/neck injury lawyers

Specialist treatment for neck or back injuries may be expensive and/or long-lasting. Where you find yourself in this situation due to no fault of you own, you may consult a solicitor before accepting any offer by an insurance agent.

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