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Injured Dublin Airport worker claims knee injury has affected her golf in personal injury claim

12 March 2019 Written by SOR Solicitors Category: Blog

A customer service worker at Dublin Airport has purported in her accident claim that a knee injury sustained whilst at work, has had a significant impact on her golf leisure activity.

Bridget Davis sustained her knee injury after falling over a passenger’s bag while working at Dublin Airport. Bridget is now bringing an action against her employer, Airport Services Consolidated (ASC), Dublin Airport Authority and also the ground handling services provider, Swissport Ireland.

The defendants in the action deny her claims that they were in breach of their duty to provide a safe working environment. The basis of the claim is that the defendants allowed passengers to queue in areas of adjoining departure gates and failed to monitor waiting passengers properly. The defendants also deny turning a blind eye to the danger of passenger baggage resulting from such a random queue.

Bridget claims to have suffered pain for ten weeks following the accident and was out of work for three months. She also claims that as a keen golfer, she was unable to play for the remainder of 2015 and played only a few times in 2016 as a result of her knee pain.

The case is yet to be settled but serves as an excellent example of how an accident at work may have far-reaching consequences and can attract compensation claims for loss of society.

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