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Medical Negligence Claims resulted in €268.45m in compensation in 2018

19 March 2019 Written by SOR Solicitors Category: Blog

The State Claims Agency paid out €268.45 million in damages as a result of medical negligence claims last year.

Figures provided by the Minister for Health, Simon Harris, showed an increase of €18.6 million - or 7.5% on the amount paid out in 2017.

The highest compensation payment relating to medical negligence was a payment of €15.5m in a cerebral palsy case, according to figures provided by the State Claims Agency (SCA). This compensation is not unique, and the SCA confirmed that seven of the ten most massive medical negligence pay-outs in 2018 concerned birth specific procedures or cerebral palsy claims. A total of €60.3m was paid out in damages across these seven cases, with the compensation provided to fund care for the individuals concerned for the rest of their lives.

Deputy McGrath said:

"Many of these medical negligence cases are truly horrendous in nature, and the human impact is incalculable. The HSE needs to ask itself why so many instances of negligence are occurring across the health system and take whatever steps are necessary to reduce the risk in the future.’

If you have suffered an injury as a result of medical negligence, it is vital that you are adequately compensated for your pain, suffering and loss. Legal assistance is available.

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