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Defective birth claims are particularly heart-breaking. A traumatic, life-changing event like this can be challenging to come to terms with.

Part of that process may mean coming to terms with the possibility that your child’s birth was mismanaged.

Childbirth presents particular challenges and risks and it’s critically important that your doctor approaches these risks in an appropriate manner. Broadly speaking, this will involve making adequate and timely assessments of the mother’s and baby’s condition, making as accurate a diagnosis as possible in the circumstances and taking the appropriate steps in planning and managing the birth.

Injuries at birth

There are complications that can arise during birth, including:

  • various types of abnormal presentation;
  • restriction of blood flow to the baby via the umbilical cord; and
  • oxygen starvation.

Where there is injury to the baby’s brain there is a risk of lifelong physical or mental disability. The sad reality is that beyond the emotional aspect of dealing with those circumstances, there is potential for severe financial burden in the form of care costs. Settlement amounts for injuries at birth are among the highest due to the provision of lifelong care and loss of earnings.

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