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Prescription drugs are commonly used to treat a wide range of medical conditions.

Each drug will have one or more conditions that it treats. With each drug comes a list of potential side effects, some minor and common and others rare and severe.

Drug interactions

Following a diagnosis and as part of your treatment, a medical professional may prescribe one or more drugs to treat your condition. If you’re on medication for other conditions, it’s necessary for the medical professional to take this into account and not to expose you to risk due to potentially harmful interactions between your medications.


If there was a misdiagnosis then the wrong drug or an incorrect dosage could be prescribed or administered resulting in potentially harmful effects in addition to not treating the condition for which treatment was originally sought. If the diagnosis was correct it’s also important that the correct drug is selected for use. In many cases there may be updated drugs on the market with fewer side effects and better results. It will be up to your medical professional to take these decisions with the appropriate care.

Where the standard of care falls below what is expected, a legal action may be brought. Sherwin O’Riordan regularly deals with such legal actions. Call us on +353 1 663 2000 to discuss your situation.

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