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Workplace injuries

Leg, knee or ankle injuries can arise in a wide range of situations. In an occupational context they can be caused by an unsafe system of work, giving rise to a one-off accident. Alternatively, an unsafe system of work can result in physical harm over an extended period of time. Repetitive strain injury is an example of one such condition that happens gradually but can be nonetheless painful and debilitating. Where an employee is asked to undertake a workload that is unreasonable in the amount of time given, the risk of injury may be increased. The effect upon the injured person may be relatively minor or injuries may be more serious and potentially life changing. If mobility is affected there may be knock-on effects on that person’s general health especially if an active lifestyle was pursued prior to the injury. Rehabilitation may be extensive and costs may be high. Depending on age, recovery may be complex or problematic and may involve multiple surgeries and/or specialist care.

Holiday and recreational injuries

Outside of the workplace it’s possible to suffer an injury while on holiday or even in a recreational setting. Whether the accident occurs in the workplace or in another setting, where that injury was caused by a want of care, for example lack of maintenance of equipment or by poor design, the owners or manufacturers may be liable to compensate you for your injuries.

In many cases where it’s clear who is to blame, the offending party or their insurer may accept liability early on. This meansthat they accept that their actions caused the accident. It’s not the end of the case but it represents a significant step in finalising matters. It’s certainly not what anyone would want but where you find yourself the victim of an unexpected accident, it’s only right that the party who caused the accident compensate the injured person. It may even prevent another innocent person having to suffer injury in the future.

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