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 COVID 19 Litigation and Dispute Resolution


Litigation & Dispute Resolution

The escalating COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all areas of litigation in various ways and has also caused uncertainty in the performance of contracts and commercial transactions.

The work of the courts and other bodies have been scaled back to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 which further reduces the remedies available for dispute resolution.

The Intellectual Property Office of Ireland is closed for the transaction of business and have therefore extended time limits for certain actions.

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis is no doubt causing a concern for suppliers, manufacturers and retailers in terms of their liability or failure to perform contracts. Businesses need to be aware of the additional risks and how the supply chain may be affected. It is essential to examine your contracts to determine if force majeure has been triggered from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our article on force majeure examines this.

We are working hard to reduce the effect on businesses where possible. Our team of litigation solicitors are working with clients on any issues they have in relation to litigation and dispute resolution. The following pieces will provide some guidance on issues your business may face.


COVID-19 Operation of the Courts  - Click Here

COVID-19 Force Majeure and Frustration of Contract

COVID-19 Intellectual Property Office of Ireland

COVID-19 Guidance on GDPR Timelines during COVID-19


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