Making a Will in Ireland - Q&A

How much does it cost to make a Will?

Many believe that there is a significant cost in creating a Will. This is simply not true. At Sherwin O’Riordan, we operate a competitive fee structure which ensures that our clients have access to specialist legal advice without fear of incurring significant legal fees.

How long does it take to create a Will?

It is difficult to predict the time required to create a Will as different people approach the process in distinct ways: some have a clear idea of how they wish their property to be distributed, while others may need more assistance in recording their assets and arranging for their distribution. Ultimately, at Sherwin O’Riordan, we aim to assist in the generation of an accurate Will for our clients as quickly as possible.

What process is involved in making a Will?

The making of a Will follows a relatively simple process. The first objective should always be to note down the totality of assets that you hold. This includes land, savings, investments, family heirlooms etc. The second step in creating a Will involves working with an experienced legal advisor to formally and legally record your intentions for your assets’ distribution following your death. This is an important part of the process, which involves taking into account certain legal rights that some of your family hold in respect of their entitlement to your estate when you die. Lastly, upon completion of the document, you and two witnesses must sign the Will in accordance with the formal requirements for execution of wills.

How many times can I make changes to a Will? What are the fees per change?

It is not uncommon, having made your Will, for you to reflect on what you have drafted. Circumstances may lead to your considering making changes on how you wish your property to be distributed. At Sherwin O’Riordan, we appreciate this and happy to make any changes you deem necessary to ensure that the final document is an accurate reflection of your wishes. We operate a competitive fee structure with no hidden costs. To find out more about our service and fees, please contact our expert private client team.

How do I know my Will is safe with this firm?

At Sherwin O’Riordan, we are regularly trusted with the safe keeping of our clients’ Wills. As members of the legal profession, we owe a duty to observe client confidentiality. Your Will shall not be released to anyone, or shown to any other person without your express permission.

If I am not in a fit state to make decisions can someone act on my behalf?

Generally, only you can make decisions concerning your estate. However, if your circumstances change, there are some options that will allow someone else, or indeed the courts, to make decisions on your behalf.

Can my Will be contested?

The terms of your Will can be contested but only on certain distinct grounds. One of the main grounds upon which your Will could be contested is where there is a suspicion that you lacked the legal capacity to understand the consequences of the terms of your Will. This tends to be important where you have suffered a mental condition, but can only be based on convincing medical evidence. Alternatively, your Will could be challenged if there is reason to believe that you were pressured or influenced by someone else to draft the Will in the way that you did.

Additionally, Section 117 of the Succession Act 1965 allows for claims to be brought by children where it is believed that a parent has failed in his duty to make proper provisions for a child in accordance with his means.

Does the executor have to be a family member?

You are generally afforded a great deal of freedom when deciding who you wish to be the executor of your estate: it can be a friend, relative or professional advisor. 

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